Fresh Fruit Yogurt Jars

This is an easy and beautiful way to make up breakfast or snacks for the week or for a gathering. They look bright and beautiful and the mason jars work so well to keep things fresh and easy to serve.

Use your favorite plant-centric yogurt on the bottom if you would like to skip the traditional dairy yogurt.  This is kite hill yogurt, and there are many brands of plain or vanilla yogurt made from nut milks these days.  Coconut, and almond milk are some of our favorite plant based yogurts.  Maybe you will want to be creative and use flavored yogurts as the base. 

The toppings we used here are a bit unique.  Have you ever tried sprinkling quinoa in overnight yogurt bowls.  It softens but still gives a light crunch.  Chia seeds are a natural option.  Coconut flakes, pecans, walnuts, and of course berries are favorites as well. What do you like to put on your yogurt bowls? Have you ever tried making them up ahead and storing in the fridge in mason jars?

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