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Sunday Soup

Cold winter days are made warmer by soup. Yet, who has time to make soup in the middle of the day when lunch hunger kicks in? This soup base can turn into several different kinds of soup throughout the week, just by heating and adding a few new ingredients… rice, noodles, fresh veggies, mushroom. This base once cooked up on Sunday afternoon, goes into mason jars to make soup the rest of the week in the winter.

Variation one : Vegetable Noodle : when reheating on the stove, add in more fresh celery, mushrooms, noodles and chopped chixen. A little chopped cilantro on top is bonus deliciousness.

Variation two : Hot Chixen : when its cold outside we get to turn the heat up twice with hot soup that is spicy. For extra green veggies we added green peas. For extra spice… hot sauce on top.