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Blueberry Apple Oats

I’m staying snuggled in this cold grey morning. Blueberry apple oats. This is soo easy and takes little time. I start with a small sauce pan on the stove… pour in a cup of frozen wild blueberries and start it simmerin’ while chopping the apple. Toss apple in and stir for a bit while just appreciating life, your body, and this moment. Deep breaths here. ♥️♥️ When everything is piping hot, add about a third cup of dried oats and a splash of water. Simmer another minute or two. I like to drizzle a little local honey on top. One of my favorite things about cooking is the moments of standing at the stove stirring and being fully in the present moment.

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Quinoa & Asparagus

In the winter, my go-to warm dinner when I don’t want to spend much time cooking is rice or quinoa with veggies. I sautéd the chopped asparagus with garlic while the rice was cooking. Chopped fresh cilantro was stirred in with generous salt and pepper. It’s amazing how something so very simple can taste so good.

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